These recent spottings instantly caught our eye because of the bright splashes of colors. We may not always realize it, but color is an extremely expressive form of communication and a very powerful tool for designers. We found this infographic that lists the meaning and associated moods behind each PMS color... interesting and helpful!


Moondance and Happy Chairs @ Mapquest

Four Cast FOUR and Four Cast HIGH @ Enogex

K2 Loung Chairs @ Clearlink 




We are loving this most recent round-up as it highlights the diversity of our products and how designers use them in different spaces. From a Seattle based engineering firm, to a Swedish Hotel, to a trendy SoHo restaurant... take a peek at our recent sightings!

Happy Lowback Lounge Chairs @ McKinstry Innovation Center 

Boxplay Sofa @ Nobis Hotel 

Caravaggio Pendants @ Charlie Bird NYC


Inside Adobe's Utah Campus

Global software giant Adobe recently broke out of their architecturally conservative shell with the creation of a new corporate hub in Lehi, Utah. In an effort to remake itself, Adobe brought in award-winning Rapt Studio to complete the interior design and create a workplace that reflects their innovative brand and evolving culture. 

The four-story, 280,000 square foot state-of-the-art campus is equipped with a cafe, full-size basketball court, a climbing wall, pool and ping pong tables, and a gym - to name a few.

Besides these exciting perks, the real inspiration is in the playful design choices like the wall covered murals that reference computer graphics and technology, and handwritten and digital typography. And thanks to an almost completely glass exterior, employees can connect with the outdoors to draw inspiration from Utah's natural beauty. Every detail was an effort to connect the creativity and innovation of their brand to their employees.

We think they succeeded on that front. Take a look inside their campus and see how Rapt Studio incorporated some of our pieces into their design. We couldn't be more thrilled with the end results!

The campus completed by architects WRNS Studio

Happy Lowback Lounge Chairs

K2 Lounge Chairs

Wall murals by street artist El Mac & tattoo and graffiti artist Mike Giant

Papa Bentwood Chair

 Ready to move to Utah yet? We are!



Microsoft, Bloomberg Media, Yandex... here's a look at where we've been spotted lately. 

To see more of us in spaces around the world, be sure to follow our HighTower Spotted Pinterest Board!

Didi Lounge Chair @ Microsoft SOMA

Mayflower Armchair @ Bloomberg Dublin

True Love Lounge Chair @ Yandex Yekaterinburg


Trending in Tech

It's safe to say tech companies have embraced the open floorplan concept, inspiring creativity and teamwork; creating collaborative retreats, if you will. To accompany this shift, we've noticed they're also saying goodbye to white walls and filling their offices with graffiti inspired murals.

Companies like Facebook, Google, and YouTube have all jumped on board with this trend, inviting local artists in, and giving their spaces a burst of colorful energy and a young, urban vibe. 

We love how they've used it to communicate their culture, and add some serious vibrancy! What do you think about incorporating street art in the workplace?

Facebook Headquarters (We spy a Ruby Table)

 Facebook (And a Papa Chair)

YouTube Headquarters

Google Headquarters