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Behind the Scenes: Evolution of a Website

We have been hard at work this past month developing, designing and preparing to launch our brand new website.. By now you've probably seen the final product, but we thought it'd be fun to show you a little sneak peek about how we got here! 

HighTower has always had a bootstrap start-up mentality, which has become a deeply ingrained part of our company culture. We try to do everything ourselves at least once, and our first website was no exception. Back when we started the company in '03 this mentality was less a philosophy and more a necessity. At that time, Scott took it upon himself to learn how to write code and built our first website.. It didn't have a ton of bells and whistles, but it was super intuitive and easy to use. It had all the information our clients needed to access on a daily basis and it ended up lasting us 6 years, so I guess he did a pretty good job. 

BUT we were due for an upgrade! We've grown and evolved as a company and as a brand and the needs of our clients have grown and changed as well. We've been busy dreaming up all the new functionalities we could add, listing all of those pet-peeves and annoying things that we notice on other websites and want to avoid, and sketched out page after page of layout designs.. 

Here's a peek into how the site has evolved from concept to reality! 

We couldn't be happier with the final outcome, I hope you like it as much as us :) 



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